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Shedding more light on the minor characters of Avatar: the Last Airbender.

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Hello and welcome to avatar_moreplz, a community dedicated to the often overlooked minor characters of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Wikipedia's list of minor secondary characters is okay to go off of, but please consult our definition of a minor character when using the list of major secondary characters.

This is how avatar_moreplz defines a minor character (with examples in parentheses):

1. A character appearing in three or fewer episodes. Flashbacks, premonitions, and dreams do not count toward this episode count, unless they are significant, such as Zuko's memory of his mother. (Teo, Haru, Yue)

2. A character appearing in many episodes, but with a diminished fanbase and/or a relatively small amount of fanworks concentrating on said character. Please use your own judgement; if you're unsure, ask here. (Ty Lee)

3. Any animal incapable of human speech not already covered by the previous definitions. (Appa, Momo)

4. Any canon alter-ego of a pre-existing character. That is to say, the focus must be on the alter-ego and not the character him-/herself. Therefore, you cannot use the Blue Spirit as a loophole to bring in more Zuko, nor can you have the avatar state as a loophole to bring in more Aang. While their main personality may appear in the fanwork, there must be a minor emphasis placed on it. (Blue Spirit, Aang's avatar state)


avatar_moreplz allows all types of fanworks (provided that they are not prohibited material), meaning that fanart, fanfiction, icons, graphics, etc. are all allowed, as long as they feature a minor character (or minor characters) as the main focus.

However, there are certain rules that must be followed while you are in this community.


1. Be polite and respectful.

2. No flaming, trolling, bashing, etc.

3. Include credits when necessary.

4. Keep swearing to a minimum.

5. Any questions concerning the community itself must be posted under the Questions entry; any questions regarding whether or not a character is considered minor must be posted under the Is this character a minor character? post. Anything else regarding the community and its members should be e-mailed to xenoamorist; the e-mail address is listed above. Do NOT comment on the moderators' personal journals regarding the community, unless they give explicit permission allowing it!

6. Pimping of other communities are allowed, as long as you keep it to a minimum. This will be revoked if and when the pimping gets out-of-hand.

7. Most of all—Have fun! :)


The following content should be placed under an LJ-cut:

1. All large images. Use your own judgement.

2. Icon batches. You are allowed three teaser icons; please do not go over that.

3. All fics over 500 words.

4. Any content over the rating of T/PG-13. This includes non-fanworks, such as posts on mature topics.

5. Spoilers. avatar_moreplz's definition of a spoiler is explicit information/discussion about the last two episodes premiering on different dates OR the last episode(s) premiering in the last two weeks; when two or more episodes premiere on the same day, they are considered as one episode. Therefore, currently, explicit discussion about Bitter Work will be considered as spoilers. After July 14th, explicit discussion about The Library and The Desert will be considered as spoilers.


Please include relevant headers for each of your posts. These are the minimum requirements:

Fanfiction: Title, pairing (if applicable), rating/warnings, short summary.
Fanart: Character(s)/pairing(s), appropriate warnings (if any)
Graphics: Character(s)/pairing(s), type and number of graphics, appropriate warnings (if any)
Fanvideos: Title/Song title, character(s)/pairing(s), rating/warnings
Other: Short description of content

You may add additional fields as you see fit. ALL SPOILERS MUST BE MARKED.


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