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Unrivaled: Long Feng/The Earth King, PG-13/mild R

Title: Unrivaled
Author: Chaser (iroh_fancier), beta'd by weyrdchic
Pairing: Long Feng/The Earth King (aka Kuei), Professor Zei/The Earth King (sorta ... you'll see)
Rating: PG/13/maybe mild R for some language and one sexy scene. Also, Kuei is 17, which makes him mildly underage in some countries.
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Theme: #16. invincible; unrivaled
Disclaimer: Avatar would have been all about Kuei and Long Feng if I owned it. The fact that it's about some kid named Aang and his teenaged friends and enemies is proof that I don't.

Long Feng is jealous of the Earth King's new teacher
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New Icon Challenge Community

title or description
atladicontest .

A community that is dedicated to weekly icontests featuring the beautiful, strong, and badass female cast of the hit television show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. From princesses to bandits, circus freaks to sugar queens, and even bounty hunters- it's all about the lovely ladies.

This community is looking for more members to join in and participate, seeing as it has just been opened :)
All iconmakers of any talent are welcome, and you don't have to be a maker to participate- we can always get help with the voting and such.

The first challenge will be posted when we have enough members to begin, so click here to join!
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Fic: In-Patient (Long Feng/Earth King Kuei)

Yes. Really. My first fic for 30_kisses, which means there will be 29 more of these.

Title: In-Patient
Author: Chaser (iroh_fancier)/Beta'd by weyrdchic)
Pairing: Long Feng/The Earth King (aka Kuei)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don’t own Avatar and I can only wish that I own Long Feng and the Earth King. They’re both such beautiful, interesting men, and I love them so fiercely I can hardly say how much.
Summary: Long Feng is sick. Kuei is slightly amused.

Now go. Read. Don't make Long Feng break out his invitations to Lake Laogai.

ETA: *sighs at the broken html tags*
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