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The LJ community, atlaland, is beginning a new round.  It is an interactive challenge community with games and fanwork competitions. It has four teams, named for each of the four nations of the Avatar: the Last Airbender world, and each team works together to earn points by completing challenges.  The more involved a challenge, the more points can be earned.  Most challenges themselves are individual, but points earned count towards the team total.

Along with vid-making, fanart creating and writing challenges, there are also crossword puzzles, jigsaws, word searches, mazes, and guessing games. 

To join, go here to fill out an application, and if you're accepted, you'll be placed on one of the teams, after which, you'll recieve invitations to join the main community, and the team community.  If you're smart, though, you'll put in requests to join the challenge communities listed in the main community's sidebar so you can earn points.

Also, if you could mention I sent you, my team gets points :)
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