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Fic: 'Never a Doubt'; 'Visiting Hours'


Prompt #34
 Title: Visiting Hours
 Author: c3childs
 Rating: K+
 Words: 471
 Genre: Gen
 Char/Pair: Ty Lee, Ozai
 Summary: On her own, the conclusions she comes to are startling to say the least.

Sometimes, when she was visiting Mai and after she was done admiring the brilliant silver her aura has become and how well it complements Zuko’s gleaming gold, she visits him. Watches, really, because he doesn’t talk back often. If he does, it’s…not exactly something that should be said in polite company.

And even though she’s there deliberately against his express wishes, she remains gracious and courteous as ever. She visits him because no one else will, except maybe Iroh. But with his lovely tea shop in Bah Sing Se, the social calls are few and far in between.

A pity, because however much he may claim to hate seeing the man, his aura shines just the slight bit brighter. Before, it had always shone
a terrible, dark ruby color that scared and attracted her. Now, it was pale and barely there most times. But people change it.

In her opinion, he just needs people. He needs to feel something. Even if it’s rage or annoyance. Just any kind of passion to remind him that he is alive still. Though the little cage and the dark room may feel like a tomb, he still breathes. There is hope.

And she sees it. A shadowy vermillion shrouding him is better than the inky garnet leaking from him. He may stare at her in a way that
makes her tremble and feel like she’ll never get warm again, but she’s helping him. He enjoys it too, maybe a little, even if he was a bit grumpy.

She thinks he enjoys it anyway. She’s the only one that she’s ever met that could see auras, and that’s simply how she interprets what she
sees. But it’s surprisingly hard to convince Ty Lee that she’s wrong.

He’s sitting there, glaring at her like every other time through filthy dark bangs. On the other side, she’s sitting much more relaxed
than the first time, fresh-faced and youthful and just looking at her makes him feel so much older than he is.

“Child, your social life is the least of my concerns, but I strongly recommend you find some friends.”

“Oh, I have lots of friends! You’re one of them, you know.”

“The word you mean is captive.”

“There you are then. A captive audience of one! So then, what would you like to talk about today?”

“When exactly you are going to stop these aggravating visits and leave me alone?”

“Well, I guess once you’re well enough that you don’t need me anymore. And besides, no one really wants  to be alone.”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but…you’re a very sick man.”

He does so hate that little girl.

Ozai knows that the flighty, pink child thinks he enjoys her visits. But it’s more trouble trying to convince her that’s she wrong.

Prompt # 33
Title: Never a Doubt
Author: c3childs
Rating: k
Words: 439
Genre: romance/angst
Char/Pair: Sokka/Suki
Summary: She's not worried. Not at all.

Suki isn't the type to sit around, twiddling her fingers and waiting for her man. She’s the type to be the first into the dojo and the last to leave. She’ll train, sweat, and work herself into exhaustion. That way, when her head hits the pillow at night, there’s not enough time to be concerned.
She only worries when there is nothing else to concentrate on. With the war over, Kyoshi Island is as sleepy and peaceful as it ever was. So when he is gone, Suki trains a lot.
As a Southern Water Tribe ambassador, he has to go to 'long', 'dull' meetings at the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom courts. He never stays gone long, and she never goes with him. He wouldn't really have time for her, with everything going on, and she's had her share of world travel. Been there, done it, have the scars to prove it. Besides, his sister and friends are usually there. It was no one's fault, but she sometimes felt like a...distraction to what was really going on with them.
She doesn't worry that he'll be attacked or anything like that. Sokka is a capable warrior, and he only gets better. He could handle himself if it came down to a fight. More than likely though, it wouldn't. Sokka was downright smooth when he wanted to be.

To be truthful, that's part of what worries her. Now, it hasn't been said, but it's understood that Sokka loves her. She doesn't have to concern herself with all the pretty girls running around the Fire and Earth capitols and everywhere in between who were no doubt fluttering painted eyes at him. However, Sokka wouldn't fall for just any girl that made eyes at him.
It doesn't bother her, not really. Because she knows Sokka and what it would really take to keep him from coming back. It definitely wouldn't be just a pretty face. It would have to be some kind of mystery or a new machine to obsess over. Those kinds of things could catch his mind and keep it for hours. Sometimes, he would even forget to eat.
She knows Sokka, and she knows that most of the things that can capture his attention can't be found on Kyoshi Island. He loves those things, and that has been said, several times. The only reason he comes back to this sleep, little island is because of her. But it's a great, big world out there. There's bound to be something more interesting than her.
If the training sessions were more intense when Sokka was away, none of her warriors say so.


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